Cyber security

The ever-faster development of information and communication technologies generates new and technologically sophisticated cyber threats.

All companies are potential targets of cyber-attacks, one of the modern business’s most critical security threats. Andersen in Slovenia advises on all cybersecurity issues, regardless of the status of the incident.

Preventive measures

Following our professionals’ thorough cybersecurity due diligence, we identify potential vulnerabilities and advise on designing and implementing cybersecurity measures. We draft internal policies and acts governing data security and data retention as well as contractual clauses on security standards, certification, and audit. We provide penetration testing and periodic education and training on cyber security.

Incident response

Andersen in Slovenia is a trusted partner for clients whom they can contact in the event of a cyber incident. We advise on reporting to the relevant data protection supervisory authorities and other regulators and help them manage civil and criminal liability. We conduct forensic investigations to determine the origin and scale of the cyber-attack and, where possible, recover the affected data. We take proactive actions to protect client interests and assets.

Post-incident recovery

Recovering from a cyber-attack is as crucial as responding to the attack itself. However, an attack is also an opportunity to optimize and improve existing measures. Andersen in Slovenia helps clients mitigate the consequences of a cyber-attack by advising on measures to normalize business operations and necessary legal measures as well as providing education and training to all stakeholders. Conducting post-incident review and analysis is the basis for the tailor-made action plan for implementing technical and organizational measures to minimize the threat of future cyber incidents.