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General terms & conditions


1. General Terms & Conditions and its Acceptance

These General Terms & Conditions regulate the access and use of the website’s content https://www.sl.andersen.com (the “Website”). The website is owned and managed by Andersen Advisory, Ltd, Barjanska cesta 3, 1000 Ljubljana (the “Andersen”). Use of the Website is subject to these General Terms & Conditions.

The user of the Website (the “User”) by using the Website fully and unconditionally accepts this General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies, which are published when the User access the Website. Andersen may periodically change the General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies without prior notice, so the User is advised to check back from time to time.

2. Terms of Access and Use of the Website

The user commits to using the information, content, and services accessed through the Website, respecting the Law, good manners, and these General Terms & Conditions and respecting other users.

The User renounces using any of the materials or information contained in the Website with illegal purposes and those specifically forbidden by this General Terms & Conditions, as well as the particular conditions that, at any time, may be implemented that may be contrary to the rights and interests of Andersen, its employees, independent contractors and/or third parties. The User violates General Terms & Conditions in case of infringement or failure to carry out such obligations and/or, in any way, (including the introduction or spreading of “informatic virus”) harms, renders useless, overloads, damages, or hinders the normal use of the Website’s content, information systems or documents, files and all types of content stored in any computer equipment (hacking) owned by Andersen, its employees, independent contractors or any Website user.

The User will be the only one responsible for the truthful and updated information and data provided to Andersen, guaranteeing at any time their truthfulness and accuracy.

The User who does not fulfil the aforementioned obligations will be responsible for all damages caused to Andersen, independent contractors, and/or any third party.

3. Guarantee and Responsibility Exclusion

Andersen does not assume any obligation or commitment to verify information provided by its clients. Furthermore, it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on the Website. Andersen is not responsible for any damage of any nature that may be due to decisions taken based on the published information due to lack of accuracy, thoroughness, or updated information, as well as errors or omissions on the Website or others that may be accessed through it.

Andersen does not guarantee the access or continuity of the Website and excludes, as far as the current legislation allows, any responsibility for damages derived from it and access errors to the restricted area that may be due to any lack of diligence or infrastructure by the User. The User is responsible for taking the necessary precautions to check the non-existence of viruses or any other type of programs that may be harmful. Andersen will not be responsible for the existence of harmful elements, such as viruses, that may cause damage or malfunction of systems, software, hardware, programs, documents and electronic files the User has. Similarly, it will not be responsible for possible damages that the User may cause to third parties.

The User uses the Website voluntarily and under its responsibility. Andersen will not be responsible, contractual or otherwise, for any damages, direct or indirect, unforeseen, emergent or punitive, resulting from the access or use of the Website.

4. Links

The Website may contain links to other websites managed by third parties, upon which Andersen does not exert any control and has no responsibility for these third-party websites, which are governed by the terms of use and privacy policies, if any, of the applicable third-party content providers.

Andersen makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the ownership, accuracy, or adequacy of the Website content. Andersen shall have no liability or responsibility for any information published on linked websites, contained in any user submissions published on the Website, or provided by third parties. Neither Andersen nor its third-party content providers shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages or losses or lost revenues or profits.

Andersen will remove as soon as possible any link to any website whose content may be against the law, the personal dignity and which may cause harm, damage or lead to errors to the User.

The member firms of Andersen Global cannot obligate each other and are not liable for each other’s acts or omissions. Andersen Global does not provide any services.

5. Copyright

The Website is under Slovenian laws and is protected by national and international legislation on copyright.

All content shown on the Website, especially brands, trademarks, and any distinctive signs, will be subject to copyright by Andersen. In addition, texts, pictures, graphs, icons, technology, software, and its graphic design and source code, belong to Andersen and are subject to copyright.

Moreover, except in those cases where expressed authorization by Andersen has been obtained, the reproduction, copy, distribution, transformation, public display, security systems manipulation and any activity that may be undertaken with the content, information and the trademarks included in the Website is forbidden, as well as its source code, images, design, presentation form and selection of the materials contained in it, whatever its purpose and means used to it.

6. Additional Disclaimers

The User accepts that the content and functionality on the Website are provided with the understanding that Andersen is not herein engaged in rendering any services to the User and that no Website content is intended to serve as or shall be deemed as investment, legal, tax, accounting or other advice, and that the User shall remain solely responsible for its use of all Website content and acknowledges that any reliance upon the Website content shall be entirely at its sole option and risk.

All content and functionality on the Website are provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

6. Applied legislation

These General Terms & Conditions are governed by Slovenian law.

7. Acceptance of Website Terms of access and use

Access and use to the Website and its services and information included in it imply acceptance of its Policy Privacy, Cookies and the terms specified in this General Terms & Conditions. If the User disagrees with them, such User should not access or use the Website.

8. Contact data

Andersen Advisory, Ltd.
Barjanska cesta 3
1000 Ljubljana